Mobile crusher equipment is a professional crushing and processing machinery, has a very wide range of applications in the market. The upgrading of the mobile crusher is to optimize the business, technology, product, organization and layout structure, in order to promote the improvement of the industrial structure.

Accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring and restructuring is a key step, the enterprise needs to consider how to use less investment and consumption to obtain quality products. The company focused on the development of innovation, including technological innovation, product innovation, brand innovation, organization innovation and business model innovation, and realize the innovation of products and equipment, the use of process matters in mobile crushing machine equipment still need to pay attention to the.

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Although people are very familiar with the mobile crusher, but still should be careful of the operation of the mobile crusher, need to pay more attention to the details of the operation. Our experts are here to remind the user needs to pay attention to the operation of the problem.

When we are about to start the mobile crusher, we need to ensure that there are not any materials in the crushing cavity, mobile crusher start, we must check all the parts and crusher parts under the right conditions, with or without wear.

At the same time, it is necessary to check all the automatic devices, if there is no right place, the user should quickly close the crusher and clean up the broken cavity, to prevent abnormal phenomenon. Sometimes, it will break down during the operation of the crusher. In this case, the user must close the electrical switch as soon as possible to prevent the motor from burning the main engine. In addition, uniformity and hardness of the material will also have a great impact on the crushing process, which is the two very important factors.

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