Both are large pieces of material broken into small pieces, but the mineral processing equipment is the object of a variety of minerals, coke, the degree of mineral fragmentation demanding. Sand processing equipment is the work of casting sand, only the large pieces of sand broken into sand, and requires as little as possible the occurrence of broken sand. So both in the crushing force and the extent of the impact of minerals are very different.

In the old sand before the emergence of vibration crusher, sand mining equipment mainly used by the transplanted jaw, roller, cone and other equipment broken, only part of the old sand into the granular reusable, most of the sand is damaged, Broken into powder, lost the modeling function. In many respects, the sand-handling equipment has borrowed experience from mineral processing equipment. For example, vibrating crusher and vibrating screen has many similarities, are the use of excitation sources to obtain energy materials, through the material between the collision, the friction to achieve the effect of crushing; Dressing drum crusher modified to be applied to the sand treatment Equipment is the rotary drum crusher, they rely on the cylinder inside the lifting plate to bring the material to a certain height, so that its own fall, the material by a second friction, collision and broken. From the above example can be seen, mineral processing equipment and sand processing equipment in the structure is very similar to the development of mineral processing equipment earlier, so that the sand processing equipment is the introduction of the appropriate mineral processing equipment and improved.

Anthracite Crushing Plant.jpg

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