Calcium carbonate production line of the powder particle size of 5-10 microns, the required yield of 1t / h. Customers have a Raymond mill but can not meet the needs of the production of particle size, their size requirements of the material is 12 "-14". The customer also has a 16 "x 10" jaw crusher for the initial break. According to the customer's production, we recommend a complete set of XZM221 powder production line, this machine installed in 2009 and put into use, so far, good performance.

Micro - grinding production line production process

Raw materials with a particle size of 12 "-14" are crushed to 2 "by a customer's existing jaw crusher and then into the PC400 × 300 hammer crusher we have supplied. After secondary crushing, the size of these materials will be less than 0.4 ", and then discharged from the discharge into the bucket elevator. The hoisting machine feeds the material into the storage silo. There is a vibrating feeder at the back of the storage hopper. The feeder feeds the material evenly and continuously into the main production line unit XZM221. As the material is milled in the mill, the blower feeds it into the classifier, under the control of the control box, the impeller of the classifier is running at an adjustable speed. According to customer requirements, 10 microns below the grinder will be separated from the grading machine, the larger the size of the material will sink for further grinding. 10 microns and 10 microns of grinding with the blower in the air into the cyclone collector and by its collection, and then discharged from the discharge valve to become the final product. The bag filter will purge the air out to protect the environment.

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