Sand control of the whole process of manufacturing the key to human sand, if the sand machine for a long time will seriously affect the morbidity of high-quality artificial sand production, so the daily maintenance of sand making machine is very important. Check the whirlpool cavity before driving the door is closed, in order to prevent the material from the whirlpool observation chamber out of danger. Check the direction of rotation of the impeller, from the feed inlet direction. Impeller should be counter-clockwise rotation, or should adjust the motor wiring.

Sand and transport equipment, the start sequence must pay attention to, the correct sequence should be like this: nesting -> sand making machine -> feeding. Sand making machine must start without load, until the sand machine is running normally before feeding. The shutdown sequence is exactly the opposite of the power-on sequence. Otherwise, it will cause impeller imbalance and impeller wear too much, and even block the impeller channel and the center of the feed pipe, so that the sand can not be normal. Work, found a large piece of material should be promptly excluded. Discharging equipment stopped, it is timely to stop feeding, otherwise, it will cause crushed impeller, burned motor, most of this problem will be ignored, once again reminded to pay attention. We must be uniform to the material, this generally can be noted that, because now are mechanized feeding, mainly the last stop working, feeding may be uneven, to avoid as little as possible this situation.

During the operation of the sand making machine, we hear violent vibration and abnormal noise, stop the inspection, otherwise the impeller in the machine will be damaged. Lubricants are added to the machine and lubrication is a guarantee of efficient machine work.