In daily work, the maintenance of broken machinery is also very important, good maintenance can improve the productivity of the machine, can extend the life of crushing equipment. SBM for you to explain the following broken machinery maintenance rules:


1. Crusher as a high-energy products and equipment, in the production of a lot of energy consumption, while the equipment itself has a very serious wear and tear, crusher vulnerable parts become wearing parts, according to the processing of different materials, crushing machinery Replacement time is not the same damage. In the production of equipment during the production enterprises, according to the recommendations of the manufacturers in a timely manner the replacement of wearing parts.

2. All mining machinery and equipment have a strong lubrication system, crusher is no exception, the oil can be regarded as the blood of the system, in the crusher of the process, should be in accordance with the product description of the timely replacement of lubricants, Of the replacement of lubricating oil can not only reduce energy consumption, but also can be a very good machine to extend the service life.

3. Crusher and most of the same mining machinery are steel, steel casting or welding made, it can be said that mining equipment is very easy to rust, rust seriously affect the life of a direct impact on the choice of equipment in the production site Try to choose the location of dry and ventilated, conditional conditions, it is best to give the equipment to do a rain-proof measures.

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