If compare the portable crusher plant as people, the maintenance work is very important for improving efficiency, reducing machine failure and prolonging the service life. “Whether the machine is good or not, it is decided by maintenance” is the same way. Here, the experts will show several methods for maintaining the portable crusher plant to reduce the machine failures and prolong its working lifetime. 


Expert advises 1: lubrication is very important and it will be rust protection 

As we all know, it is bad to be rusty for the machine. In the working process of portable crusher plant, it is very important to have the lubrication works. K series portable crusher plant’s main working machine in generally adopts the jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher and so on. It suggests that it should adopt the forced lubrication system to prevent the rust problems of rotary bearing, roller bearing and all gears.

Expert advises 2: check whether the machine works normally

When the machine is in malfunction, it is easy to damage the portable crusher plant’s wear parts and affecting its normal operation. In the working process of portable crusher plant, it needs to check whether it is in normal working state usually. Whether the tyre is loose and whether there is impact voice in transmitting gear working process. 

Expert advises 3: pay attention to keep the machine, wear parts clean and avoid the damages causing by dust. 

Expert advises 4: change the wear parts in time

It needs to pay attention to change the wear parts of the portable crusher plant to prevent bigger damages for the plant. At other times, it needs to check the wear parts’ wear level. 

Expert advises 5: noise problems of the equipment

If the K series portable crusher plant produces oversize noise or vibration in the moving process, it needs to stop right now and check the machine. After debugging the failures, it can start up according to the starting sequence.