Limestone is a sedimentary rock, a crystalline structure, layered structure, the main rock forming minerals are calcite. In addition, it may also contain clay, dolomite, magnesium carbonate, iron oxide, silicon oxide and some organic impurities. Dense limestone, the compressive strength of 20~120MPa performance density for kg/m3 2000~2600. When the clay in limestone is more than 3%~4%, the frost resistance and water resistance of the soil are significantly decreased. High strength, high hardness and good durability. Most of the limestone fine texture, hard, anti weathering ability. Limestone distribution is very wide, all over the country, mining is convenient, processing is easy. In building engineering, used for foundation, exterior wall, bridge pier, steps and pavement, can also be used as concrete aggregate.

PE Jaw Crusher

SBM design and production of limestone processing production line, perfect match the characteristics of the single machine, give full play to its maximum efficiency, with a large production capacity, stable operation, the material grain size uniform, good grain type, less dust and so on.

The first stage: primary crushing

Raw material after bin, by vibrating feeder uniform feeding, transported to the jaw crusher for primary crushing, after primary crushing material and by vibrating feeder sieving fine material by belt conveyor delivery to counterattack crusher.

The second stage: medium and fine crushing

Transportation to counterattack broken in the coarse crushing material after counterattack broken broken, the circular vibration sieve after counterattack broken broken material screening: larger particles in return sent to counterattack broken broken again; particle grade material is according to the demand, grading and by the conveyor belt to different material storage heap storage or directly by lorry to the construction site.

The third stage: fine shaping

The fourth stage: sand washing products