As a common non-metallic minerals, limestone wide range of applications, such as those containing more than 95% calcium carbonate rock called calcium limestone, limestone or crystalline need good polish, it is commonly used as decorative and building stone.

Limestone crushing and grinding process.jpg

Limestone can depending on the product, and the choice of different crushing process. Usually limestone crushing plant includes primary crushing and secondary crushing process. If the product is sand, limestone particles must Sand. And if you need to use powder, limestone grinding machine these limestone particles are ground to a powder. In the grinding process, the hammer mill, ball mill, vertical mill usually used.

Limestone crushing plant, there are hammer crusher and impact crusher, its deceleration is relatively large. Usually these limestone crusher reduction ratio is 10-35. For example, if you first enter the size of the limestone is 200mm, the final particle size should be less than 10um, in this scheme, hammer crusher or impact crusher is suitable limestone crushing equipment. Limestone jaw crusher is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on. Jaw crusher is suitable for primary and secondary crushing compression strength not exceeding 320 MPa of various minerals and rocks.

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