Hardness and properties of the rock is different, you should choose according to their material characteristics of the crusher, limestone and low hardness, is mainly used for firing lime and cement, which crusher crushing this material?

I recommend the cone crusher, has high efficiency, why cone crusher with high efficiency?

1. The high-quality equipment using laminated crushing principle, resulting in crushing effect between particles, reducing the gravel flakiness, particle size distribution.

2. High efficiency, for pulverized limestone processing capacity, due to the structure of the reciprocating ball fixed shaft, optimization, 15% higher than the old equipment Efficiency - 5%.

3. High yield, for limestone crushing, crushing cone crusher crusher, a perfect combination of speed and crushing chamber design of the crushing shape than in the past to improve the yield of 60% - 35%.

Therefore, I advise clients to cone crusher, crushing comprehensive as necessary, and in full compliance with this characteristic cone crusher.

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