The use of spiral bevel gear, more stable, more quiet

Compared with the traditional conical crusher used in straight bevel gears, SBM introduced spiral bevel gear transmission efficiency is more high, transmission more stable. As the gear design arc overlap coefficient, higher carrying capacity, transmission performance is more stable, less noise, work more reliable, and wear resistance, long life.

Added contact spherical floating seal, to ensure cleaner lubricants, equipment, more stable operation

HPT series cone crusher on the basis of positive pressure dust and U-T seal to increase the contact spherical floating seal, more conducive to ensuring the cleanliness of lubricants, reduce dust or other small particles into the crusher risk. And full contact floating seal device provides friction, the device can be used to limit the rotation speed idling, increasing equipment stability.

Hydraulic protection, automatic Qingqiang, production more secure

HPT series cone broken equipped with automatic hydraulic safety system and the insurance cylinder to take a large-diameter oil pipeline, large-capacity accumulator, the buffer performance is very good. Therefore, when the crusher encountered iron and other non-broken materials, to quickly respond to achieve the function of automatic removal of debris to protect the safety of equipment.


HPT series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher