I. performance (reliable performance, convenient to use )

1,flexible parking function

Equipped with the hydraulic support oil cylinder, it will lower the crusher plant chassis, it can realize the flexible parking function to the working site. Compared with the traditional crusher equipment, it does not need the ground surface hardening

2, Preliminary screening (min. 40mm), improve the capacity (max.650tph)

Optimize the feeding machine grid section width to realize the preliminary screening. It will shunt the fine materials (min. feeding size 40mm), improve the whole machine capacity with 650tph. It also reduces the energy consumption. 

3, ABB motor from Switzerland/Germany Siemens motor, big power, high stability and good adaptability

The motor adopts the famous high quality one and it can ensure the machine is stability under big power and it can be better suitable for the low temperature or high altitude production environment. 

4, Self-adjusting screening device, improve the whole portable crusher plant capacity

With the same machine power, it adopts the 18-25° self-adjusting screening device, it can largely improve the portable crusher plant capacity

5, Adjustable speed, prevent reverse, prevent leakage and expected, overload protection, reduce the maintenance cost

Belt conveyor adopts the cycloid motor hydraulic drive and it adds the adjustable speed and preventing reverse functions. At the same time, it has the overload protection function and reduces the maintenance costs. 180 ° rotating belt conveyor can realize the convenient transporting and it can prevent the leakage and expected.

6, Centralized lubricating system

More convenient to maintain, reduce the maintenance time

7, hydraulic control, easy to operate

Through the hydraulic to control the machine’s installation, folding and belt driving, it is easy to operate and save the labor operation costs. 

8, The first choice of urban construction waste processing and recycling

II, Structure (optimized and upgrade structure, humanized detail design)

1, 1 kind of machine body, 72 kinds of models 

1 kind of machine body can be used with 72 kinds of models. It can meet clients’ different final size production requirements. Combining the detailed production raw materials, it needs to change the main machine to complete the clients’ requirements with different sand stones. 

2, Q345B steel machine body replaces the Q235A steel machine body

The whole machine body adopts the Q345B steel (low carbon alloy steel). Compared with Q235A (carbon structural steel body), the Q345B steel has good welding performance and cutting performance which will make this ship model have smoother appearance. The body comprehensive performance is better and it can more adapt to the cold weather and vibration environment work.

3. Assembling bolt connection hopper VS non-removable welded hopper

K series portable crusher plant adopts the assembling bolt connection hopper and it can provide convenient delivery transportation for clients and at the same time, it can satisfy the loading vehicle feeding

4, Energy-saving and environment friendly detailed design 

Adjustable speed model car can flexibly adjust the belt speed of belt conveyor and reducing energy consumption. At the same time, the water spray dust suppression device can reduce the PM2.5 damage to the around environment. 

5, Humanized alarm system

Increases the overload alarm system, under fault condition, the electronic control signals feedback systems will timely power down to ensure the safety of the whole production line. 

III, Investment benefits

1, Main machine swaps and it can realize the maximum benefits

One kind of machine body can be used for over 10 kinds of models. It just need to change the main machine can realize clients’ different size production requirements in short time. I can realize the maximum benefits 

2, Many kinds of crusher machines for clients to choose

K series portable crusher plant introduces high efficient jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher machine to provide large choosing space for clients’ different price choice.

3, Depreciation value, strong investment cash

When you order our K series portable crusher plant, for its good compatibility and interchangeability, it can easily find the next buyer maximum in the further. Second-hand transfer can reduce the transfer of depreciation expense and it has strong investment cash 

IV, Product assemble (high output whole set assembling)

We have 7 kinds of modules and 72 kinds of models and they are sold to over 130 countries and areas. Compared with the similar products in abroad and domestic, K series portable crusher plant has all-around types and it has wide application range. It can totally meet the coarse crushing, medium crushing screening, fine crushing shaping, fine crushing washing, independent working, three combinations and four combinations work requirements

1, Portable coarse crushing plant --- largest coarse crushing capacity of domestic portable plant

One kind machine body, 12 kinds of models; 8 different configuration jaw crusher machines and 4 kinds of impact crusher with good final products size to choose; the largest feeding size will be 1100 ×1200mm and the largest crushing ability will be 650tph

2, Portable plant for medium/fine crushing screening---high performance, high capacity crushing screening plant

It is mainly used for secondary crushing. The whole screening plant can be used as single machine or with other machines as a whole set. The vibrating screening angle can be adjusted and it can enlarge the whole machine processing ability

3, Independent working combined portable plant --- preliminary screening independently and accurate sizing

Do not need to add any equipment and cost, it can realize the flexible transformation between “screening before crushing” and “screening after crushing” to meet clients’ different production project

4, Portable finely crushing screening plant --- the founder of the high quality sand aggregate

Our portable finely crushing screening plant is equipped with four kinds of VSI crusher (VSI + 5X) and the vibrating screening machine. It can have the accurate sizing. It is the first choice for sand making machine and the largest capacity will be 300tph

5, Portable fine crushing washing plant --- right choice for processing construction used sand and building road sands 

Equipped with the spiral washing machine, the portable fine crushing plant can be used for fine size or coarse size crushing, washing works to meet different clients’ final products requirements

6, Three combinations portable plant --- the best choice for independently crushing works

It can be used as single machine to complete client’s stone production requirements, but also it can be used as coarse crushing machines. As the best choice for medium or small scale portable working environment, this machine eliminates the obstacles of crushing sites, environment, complicated base assembling

7, Four combinations --- economic type, multiple integration automatic secondary crushing

According to the coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing final products requirements, it can combine automatically. It is economic and is suitable for medium or small scale plant or multiple integration automatic secondary crushing. It can have optimized combination for crushing and screening works. The self-conveying includes the transportation part and it can meet client’s individual needs at the greatest extent

V, Product show

From spare parts to the whole machine, it will show our K series portable crusher plant all-round multi-angle;

Real intuitive image recording at the field production will make you see the actual charms of the K series portable crusher plant

VI, Specifications

VII, Development history

The first generation

Successfully introduce the concept of portable crushing 

The first generation portable crusher plant is based on parts of clients’ requirements. It combines foreign advanced technology and introduces the portable crushing concept into domestic and it basically meets domestic clients’ initial expectations

The second generation

The design of the integration of mechanics and aesthetics

With the large demands of portable crusher plant at home and abroad, our company has set the portable crushing plant researching department to research the engineering mechanics and introduces the industrial design aesthetics. Finally, they develop the second generation portable crusher plant

The third generation --- crawler-type portable crushing screening plant

Based on the second generation, our workers have researched the third generation automatic crawler-type portable crushing plant which does not need the tractive and it can automatic moves. This largely makes up the market in domestic crawler-type portable crusher plant

The fourth generation --- K series portable crushing screening plant

Time of precipitation, the accumulation of experience make our best portable research and development team. In deep digging and improving products shortcomings, we put the portable crusher plant into the intensive production. Through the tireless efforts, the fourth generation product K series portable crushing plant is developed 

VIII, Brand guarantee

1, Technical support --- technology changes the production

Technical support and product quality are in the same important position for clients. The sale part and technical support parts covering the whole world can guarantee solving the technical problems successfully. It is our promise for clients to research the new technology what clients concern and produce the desired machines

2, Sale service --- Specific solutions to specific problems, meet different clients’ production requirements

K series portable crusher plant can be used in mineral ore processing, construction waste recycling and other industries. Our sale part can design the specific production line depending on different clients’ specific requirements, such as the first crushing, secondary crushing, third crushing and crushing-screening equipment. At the same time, we will optimize these production step machines to save investment costs

3, After-sale service --- exclusive and efficient

After nearly a decade of efforts, we has established the customers to use archives, providing customers with considerate and efficient after-sales service, to ensure that the K series portable crushing plant can be quickly and smoothly in application process

4, Product quality certificate 

Our company has got EU CE certificate, ISO9001:2000 quality management certification, Russian GOST certificate, certificate of high and new technology enterprise of Shanghai, is China's credit enterprise certification system demonstration