K series mobile crushing station is a new type of mobile crushing equipment developed by SBM with many years of experience combined with the needs of users. Compared with the traditional mobile crushing equipment, K series mobile crushing station has been innovated in many ways:


Original mobile body support device:

In the transit, you can automatically put away, conducive to transport; stationed in the work area, the formation of simple ground can be put into operation, eliminating the need for a large number of infrastructure construction time, and related material costs and labor costs. The device ensures that users can at any time in accordance with production needs of mobile devices, rapid transition.

Original diamond-shaped limit hole:

Conventional body support device is generally no limit hole design, a small number of circular hole design. However, the design of the car body without infinite holes in the work area, the need to pile according to the height of cement, and then welded steel plate to correct the level; and the use of circular design of the body limit hole, without welding can be corrected level, but the mobile station At the time of operation, the support device is liable to rock from side to side due to the instability of the circle.

In order to avoid these problems, SBM in the K series of mobile crushing station design of the limit hole when the innovative design, the use of new diamond-shaped hole design, can make good use of the body's own weight, reinforcement of hydraulic support device to avoid Mechanical shock caused by damage; the same time, the design can be a good prevention of damage caused by the hydraulic device body vibration, protection equipment.

The first use of automotive spray process:

In order to solve the problem that the traditional mobile station can not be used in severe corrosion, the K series mobile station introduced the automobile spraying process for the first time, which not only has good film fullness, good adhesion, high gloss and high hardness, but also has excellent mechanical properties. Good gloss retention, weatherability, abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance. The process can greatly extend the service life of the mobile station.

Special feeder equipment:

Adopting the special feeder equipment, the grate structure and the width gap are re-optimized, the pre-screening efficiency is higher, the materials flowing into the host can be diverted, the processing capacity of the whole machine can be improved and the production capacity can be increased.

Upgraded version Q345B Steel:

For the production of K series of mobile crusher steel from the traditional Q235A steel upgraded to Q345B steel, the body has a higher strength, more suitable for vibration load operation; the same time, the cold regions of the low temperature environment has excellent adaptability.

Innovative technology cast classic, SBMK series of mobile stations from the market to the present, praised by users, as the industry's most stable, most efficient, most secure, the maximum value of energy-saving new products.