Jaw plate of jaw crusher is divided into fixed jaw and moving jaw, they are jaw crusher wear parts. Because the work environment is poor, in use process, jaw plate supporting the plastic deformation wear and cutting wear, the wear is quite serious. Only by strengthening the daily maintenance of jaw can reduce wear and improve the working efficiency.This article will show in order to make the jaw plate of jaw crusher several maintenance methods, in order to increase the service life of it.

Regularly check the jaw plate

If you find the jaw plate wear eiously or former board is broken, you should repair measures are taken, the ore from the crushing cavity, remove the grinding heap or jaw plate, and check the motor jaw and rod in bracket is damaged or not. The For wear jaw, can be used For welding method For the treatment of teeth.

In the process of sampling inspection materials used to carry

For every batch of sampling inspection is used for feeded into the machine materials.When you find a significant fluctuation in the nature of the material, adjust all the main parameters of crusher, such as clamp Angle, eccentric shaft rotation speed, capacity and power of the motor, etc., in order to adapt the machine to the material to reduce the wear and tear of the jaw.

Install the jaw, please also tighten a good job

Attention to tighten The newly installed jaw plate, and ensure that The jaw and body (fixed, fixed, electronic) of The contact surface is smooth, Pad, they have performance of plastic material, like a layer of lead plate, plywood and cement mortar, and so on, The two on The surface of The moving jaw plate. The assembly requirements and fixed jaw is a jaw teeth alignment between another jaw tooth, that is, in The moving jaw plate and The fixed jaw plate is in The basic meshing state.

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