Fluorite as a common halide mineral Many countries will be as an important material reserves. The raw ore is fed to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing by the vibrating feeder, and the fluorite ore after the initial crushing is sent to the crusher for secondary crushing, and then the two broken ore can enter into the ball mill for grinding operation. Ball mill and spiral classifier composed of general closed-loop cycle, that is, the ball mill grinding material into the grading machine for classification. Qualified fine-grained ore into the next process, unqualified coarse-grained ore back to the ball mill for grinding. After the separation of fine-grained minerals into the mixing tube and flotation agent for full and uniform mixing, and then into the core part of fluorite ore dressing process - flotation machine for flotation operations, a rough election, Election, two sweeps, by controlling the pulp concentration, pH, plus different agents to get qualified concentrate. Finally, tailings are discharged into tailings ponds.

Jaw crusher in fluorite beneficiation process plays a leading role, is a jaw crusher driven by the following steps of the production process. If there is no jaw crusher in which the leading role, the following production is not normal. Therefore, the jaw crusher in the use of many mineral resources are essential equipment. It can be said, jaw crusher also led the development and utilization of mineral resources.

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