Jaw crusher in the production process will inevitably produce dust, so the equipment needs to be equipped with the corresponding sealing device, but in the production of sealing failure occurs, then the main reason for sealing failure which?

Jaw crusher seal damage

1. Severe jaw crusher seal wear. If the jaw crusher parts gap becomes smaller, the seal will be squeezed by the deformation of serious wear and tear; or replace some wear parts, because the seal replacement cycle and the wear of friction parts are not consistent, both the old and new The degree of different rubber seals to increase the sealing extrusion pressure, local deformation caused by damage to seals.

2. Jaw crusher seal aging. Rubber seal in use by the oil quality, temperature, time factors, coupled with the choice of materials to create the seal ring properly, prone to aging, so that loss of elastic body seal, sealing state changes, resulting in equipment seal failure.

Jaw crusher seal deformation

1.Jaw crusher seal deformation. When the jaw crusher crushing wall and rolling mortar crushing the ore, the strong crushing force to tilt or vibrate the body, the seal is very easy to get out of the original trajectory and deformation, the original seal state changes, resulting in equipment seal failure.

2. Jaw crusher improperly installed. In the jaw crusher installation, maintenance, replacement of seals, due to incorrect installation, so that local deformation of seals, resulting in equipment seal failure.

3. Poor lubrication. Friction parts are easy to have metal particles and ore dust mixed people, as well as long-term work in high temperature environment, the deterioration of lubricants, fluidity deterioration, increased local resistance seal deformation.

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