For the production of aggregate, crushing equipment is indispensable. Therefore, the development of gravel industry for the crushing industry to provide a market.

Sand production is commonly used in the crushing equipment is jaw crusher, it is essential gravel production equipment, but also the core of the equipment. SBM production of jaw crusher has been widely put into the aggregate production of sand, which has been widely used in crusher equipment research and development at the same time, into a number of new technologies and concepts, which developed a new and efficient Jaw crusher. Jaw crusher progress on sand and gravel production technology has greatly improved the role.

Jaw crusher in the mining industry is mainly used for rough broken, mining resources have been mining and use of the more commonly used equipment, but also more popular with the equipment.Jaw crusher in the gravel industry for the industry Technology and technology to improve a great help to improve the quality of gravel products and production line efficiency.

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