Jaw crusher outlet is the user's different needs can be automatically adjusted to obtain qualified product material size. Jaw crusher experts now on this issue, with a brief description of what we hope to help you, first of all we have to clear, jaw crusher thrust plate, also known as jaw crusher brackets, in addition to transmit power to move the jaw plate Do swing back and forth, but also has the role of safety insurance, change the length can also play a role in regulating the discharge port.

When the crusher jaw crusher into the unbreakable objects such as iron ball, iron, etc., in order to protect the main components from damage and the use of rear thrust plate as crusher insurance components. Jaw Crusher After the thrust plate is generally cast iron as a whole, in the middle of a slot or a number of holes to reduce its section strength; can also be cast into two pieces, and then use screws (or rivets) connected together to form a combination Thrust plate. When the non-crusher into the crusher crusher jaw crusher, the device overload, huge crushing force to the thrust plate led to thrust plate or combination of thrust plate screw cut, jaw crusher stop working, play a role in insurance.

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