Jaw crusher from the beginning to the end of life this time is the value of the crusher time, any machine can extend the use of value, the extension is maintenance, whether before or after the end of the operation to be maintained, so that Crushing machine can reduce the cost and use value, the following is the jaw crusher maintenance methods:

Jaw crusher season maintenance: the main content is the replacement of the season for the oil, fuel, to take antifreeze measures to increase anti-freeze facilities. Organized by the use of sector arrangements, operational monitor inspection, supervision.

Jaw Crusher Walking Period Maintenance: The new machine and the overhaul finished crusher must be carried out after the end of the walking-in period. The main contents are cleaning, tightening, adjusting and replacing the lubricating oil, finished by the use department, the asset manager Inspection, supervision of asset management.

Jaw crusher transfer and maintenance: crusher before the transfer site, should be transferred to maintenance, the contents of the operation according to the technical conditions of the crusher for maintenance, if necessary, can be anti-corrosion. Transfer maintenance from the crusher out of the organizational arrangements for the implementation of the project, the Department of asset managers, asset management department supervision.

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