Jaw crusher is widely used in the crushing equipment, in all walks of life, for a variety of different hardness, different nature of the material, so jaw crusher in the course of operation, inevitably overload phenomenon. This requires the jaw crusher itself should have a good self-protection system to make the equipment safe operation, the failure rate remained at a low level.

Jaw crusher work load volatility is very large, peak load is usually more than 3 times the average load. Often due to uneven material or due to crushing chamber into a very hard and extremely strong non-broken objects and a sudden large overload danger. To this end, jaw crusher and more targeted overload protection measures, commonly used in the following several ways.

1. Brake plate break method: set the brace low-strength easy to break point, that is, in the crusher overload, the elbow plate stress sensitive area due to the sharp rise in stress to the limit and self-breaking, cut off power transmission to prevent damage to the machine.

2. This traditional jaw crusher overload protection measures, simple structure, easy to manufacture. However, due to the mechanical properties of the brackets of the larger volatility and by the accuracy of the restrictions can not be precise quantitative control break point, the actual application is often overloaded and not protected. Even if the overload was protected, but because of jaw crusher in an accident state, in the clean-up, dismantling and replacement jaw crusher is not running before, which will inevitably lead to process interruptions, delays in production.

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