The frame is a skeleton of the jaw crusher, which forms the skeleton part of the jaw crusher. It is a key component which can support the jaw crusher to be efficiently broken. In the jaw crusher jaw, the bracket and the rotor , Bearings and other key parts of the time, do not forget the jaw crusher rack, so today we take a look at the jaw crusher as the most commonly used coarse crusher, how he has a strong skeleton.

First of all, before starting, pay attention to the health of the rack, this is not optional work, because the dust affects the collective work of lubrication, stability and load work. Therefore, in order to jaw crusher with efficient work ability, first of all we have to clear the body a lot of dust.

In the course of work, the body can jaw crusher work all bad or bad response expressed. Body jitter severe downtime to immediately check, so as not to continue to work down, will have a greater harm. Finally, the jaw crusher fuselage, then, to timely protection. All structures of the rack must be kept intact.

In the design of jaw crusher rack, should ensure that the rationality of the rack structure design, if the structure is irrational, not only shows poor performance, but also increase the weight of the rack; at the same time the rack in addition to meet the performance requirements , But also consider the appearance requirements. In the appearance of the rack structure that we can not one-sided pursuit of beauty and ignore the jaw crusher strength problems, we can not blindly strengthen the rack strength, resulting in crushing machine weight increase waste material.

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