Jaw crusher is often used in the field of ore crushing machinery. But there are a lot of people in the use of jaw crusher process will continue to malfunction, had to shut down maintenance of the machine. Jaw Crusher Tips: In fact, as long as the following is to avoid the use of several non-standard operation of the phenomenon, you can avoid damage to the machine.


1. The maintenance of the machine from time to time. Jaw crusher in the process, often because of great efforts to make the machine parts of the machine parts or screws fixed machine screws appear loose. This requires periodic reinforcement of the jaw crusher screws.

2. Not timely to the jaw crusher to replace the lubricant. In the jaw crusher for some time, the internal lubricant will reduce the lubrication effect, the machine running off the debris deposited in the lubricant will increase the wear and tear of the machine. So when the lubricant used for some time, we must promptly replaced. And the use of kerosene after the replacement of internal thorough cleaning, not to leave a little debris. This machine is not easy to wear.

3. Jaw crusher internal temperature is too high. Jaw crusher in the course of the friction will produce a lot of heat, if these heat can not be timely dissemination of accumulated in the machine will damage the machine. Such as the machine's axis will be because of the high temperature deformation occurred in the broken stone will be damaged. Therefore, the use of jaw crusher must always pay attention to internal temperature, if the machine is too high temperature on the timely shutdown, and so reduce the temperature and then use.

4. Did not pick out the iron in the raw material. If the iron in the raw materials, it will destroy the jaw crusher jaw. Resulting in the machine can not be used.

5. Ununiformly add the raw material. So that when too much raw material into the jaw crusher will damage the machine due to excessive load.

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