Jaw crusher in a variety of mineral production lines, often used as a rough breakthrough, mainly large stone crushing common crushing equipment, jaw crusher is often because of improper use of the phenomenon of death. Therefore, in the course of the operation, we need to pay attention to a uniform cutting, material hardness and other factors.

The main factors that affect the general jaw crusher is a nip angle and number of revolutions. Dynamic nip angle is the angle of the jaw and retaining clip between the jaws. According to calculate the maximum nip angle not exceeding 32 degrees. In actual use are less than 25 degrees, usually about 18-20 degrees. If the nip angle is too large, it will make up the ore crushing cavity extrusion, causing injury or damage to other equipment, and increase (ratio increases break) decrease in productivity and nip angle. Adjust the size of the discharge port, it changes the size of a nip angle.

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In real life, adjusted in accordance with the requirements of ore particle size of the discharge port. Therefore, to ensure product size requirements, try to enlarge the port of discharge is reasonable. When the mine mouth size can be adjusted by block, adjust the size of the discharge port, please note that the relationship between the proportion and productivity rupture adjusted.

Within a certain range, increasing the number of revolutions of the eccentric shaft can increase production capacity crusher, but also increases the power consumption of the ore crushing unit weight. If the speed is too large, the crushing chamber has been crushed ore is discharged too late, and clogging phenomenon, but so that production capacity reduce power consumption increases, therefore, the optimum number of rpm jaw crushers should have.