Bearing in modern machinery and equipment plays an important role. Bearing repair and reduce transmission of the machine load coefficient of friction components. In other words, the bearing is used to reduce the coefficient of friction in the process of power transfer, and kept to stay at the center of the shaft. Depending on the characteristics of the friction of moving parts, it can be divided into Rolling bearings and plain bearings.

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Bearing and functional jaw crusher

There are four sets of the jaw crusher bearings. Among them, the use of two units connected to the eccentric shaft bearing and the movable jaw and two for connecting the eccentric shaft and the frame. Between the eccentric shaft movable jaw joints and bearings are generally referred to as moving jaw bearing. They are used to support the movable jaw, eccentric shaft rotates when the swing. Bearing between the eccentric shaft and the frame is often called a frame bearing. They support the eccentric shaft.

In the past, medium and large scale jaw crusher and used in all casting babbitt sleeve bearings, can withstand greater impact loads, and wear-resistant. But the transmission efficiency of these bearings is relatively low, forced lubrication needs. Sized jaw crusher is generally used with high wear and bearings transmission efficiency. These bearings for easy maintenance and lubrication, but they can not withstand greater impact loads.

Rolling With the continuous improvement of manufacturing technology, large scale jaw crusher is also used nowadays anti-friction bearings. In order to extend life and improve the efficiency of bearings, manufacturers should continue to research and develop them.

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