Iron is found in the world's oldest, most widely used metal. Iron consumption accounts for about 95% of the total metal consumption.

Iron ore is mainly used in the steel industry iron and steel smelting. According to statistics, the world's iron ore recoverable reserves of about 93 billion tons.

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Iron ore crushing line

From the above information, we can see that the iron is very important in our daily lives. Thus obtaining iron from iron ore would mean a lot. A complete line of processing of iron ore from the crushing stage, the screening stage, stage grinding and separation stage. Here, we focus on iron ore crushing line.

Under normal circumstances, the crushing production line, we need primary crusher coarse crushing and fine crushing the secondary crusher. SBM provide jaw crusher as primary crusher and cone crusher impact as a secondary crusher. For iron ore crusher, our engineers suggest jaw crusher and cone crusher, iron ore because of the high hardness.

In addition to iron ore crusher, we need vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and belt conveyor in which iron ore crushing line.

First, a large piece of iron ore from the vibration feeder means uniformly continuously fed into the jaw crusher. And then transported to the iron ore crushing cone crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crushing. After the cone crusher, iron ore particles into vibrating screen classification. Part of the desired size are sent to a fixed region, for final use or further processing, while others will be sent back to the cone crusher crushing again.

In broken lines, as well as customer testimonials machine, our engineers will consider several factors to consider, such as capacity, input and output size, the size of the workplace and so on. After selecting the appropriate model, engineers will offer you the best price. If you are interested in iron ore crusher, please contact us.