The Philippines is rich in mineral resources, especially iron, nickel, manganese, aluminum and tin. Because iron is an essential metal industry, has broad application prospects, so every year, many Filipinos Customer Advisory SBM iron ore processing equipment. In this article, we talk about a major iron ore beneficiation line our engineers designed the Philippines 2010 customers.

Iron crusher.jpg

The Customer Contact us at the end of 2010, he said he had just developed a iron ore license, so he wants to build a complete iron ore beneficiation process. After confirming the specific requirements of customers, design engineers a complete line selection for him. In this series, there are jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, ball mill, magnetic separator, belt conveyors, feeder and so on.

In this line, the jaw crusher is a major crushing equipment, large pieces of ore will be crushed into smaller particles. Cone crusher is a secondary crusher crushed particles into the appropriate size into the mill. Here, we recommend the cone crusher, impact crusher instead, because iron ore has a high hardness, if we use impact crusher processing iron ore, the main crushing components will be very easy to wear. Grading and vibrating screen for separating crushed ore ball mill for iron ore milled to the appropriate size of magnetic powder and machine upgrade.

We can see in the above iron ore beneficiation production line has a variety of machines. SBM provides various types and models of these machines, our engineers will recommend an appropriate model, custom-processing production line based on the user's situation.