In the increasingly scarce natural resources, mining increasingly limited today, high-quality green sand for investors to open a window.


The inevitable choice, high-quality sand instead of natural sand

The new high-quality mechanism sand and gravel complete sets of equipment can be adapted to local conditions, flexible applications, there are two types of floor-and-floor layout to choose from, the use of the equipment, stone plant waste stone chips, mine tailings, construction waste into high quality Sand, used in the production of concrete, dry-mixed mortar and green bricks and other raw materials cheap and easy to get a wide range of sources, finished sand wide use, demand and high value, and the production process zero sludge, zero waste water and dust, fully in line with environmental requirements , For the gravel industry has brought tremendous benefits and opportunities for development.

Overview of Machinery Sand Industry

Urban construction and infrastructure construction need to consume a lot of concrete, sand is the main material, accounting for about 30% of its weight. In recent years, the national sand production and sales scale and production value should not be underestimated. According to the source, sand can be divided into direct mining of natural sand and artificial processing of machine-made sand two categories, of which about 40% of machine-made sand. At present, due to the shortage of resources, rising price, high transportation cost and large fluctuation of quality, natural sand has gradually formed the consensus on the development of mechanism sand, and the amount and proportion of natural sand are increasing year by year.

However, there are many problems in the existing machine-made sand industry, such as low product quality, large pollution and low resource utilization. New environmental protection high quality mechanism sand will become the next major building materials industry.