A variety of modes of flexible switching, the user can easily and continuously monitor the operation of the machine

HST single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with automatic control system to provide manual control, constant discharge control, constant power control and other operating modes for the user to select; continuous monitoring of crusher internal actual load, so as to optimize the crusher utilization, Machine at all times can play its best performance.

Special oil wedge design, bearing less heat, longer service life

HST single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher of the sliding bearing with a special oil wedge design, the axis of the rotating power into oil film pressure, so as to hold the shaft to run in the state of dynamic lubrication; in the shaft and bearing contact surface formed between the stable lubrication The oil film can avoid the direct friction contact between the shaft and the bearing, thus reducing the heat and prolonging the service life of the bearing.

Positive pressure dust-proof design can effectively reduce the maintenance workload

HST cone crusher equipped with positive pressure dust system to ensure that the pressure inside the crushing chamber is always higher than the external pressure, effectively reducing the dust into the crusher or other small particles, thus extending the life of the lubricating oil and reduce the small particles Bearing damage. The design effectively improves the service life of the crusher and reduces the maintenance workload.


HST series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher