When you install the jaw crusher,is the most important part of the bearing is installed in the jaw crusher.

In preparation:

Bearing checking to see if there is corrosion or no.Measuring radial clearance and aperture size bearings,to see if they are able to ask or not.Keep the bearing clean.If you need to clean,wash with a neutral detergent,such as anhydrous diesel or kerosene.

installation method:

As a journal bearing interference is too large,it is difficult to install it with the normal press-fit method,and it must be installed by a thermal method.Bearing is heated to 100℃,until the shaft hole size swelled to more than a journal,and then install.

Installation Precautions:

When you install the jaw crusher bearings,journal or shaft hole if it is not enough,they are not to be grinding wheel.Since the grinding wheel will break the roundness of the shaft or the bore and affect the accuracy of the bearing assembly.

After installation check:

You should feeler bearing radial clearance,the bearing cool completely.If the gap is too small or no gap,we have to find out why,and even remove the bearing and reinstall.If the gap is appropriate,then grease to ensure good lubrication of the bearing.

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