Mining stone crusher is also called rock crusher or stone crusher, it refers to a crusher output size range of more than 50 or more than 3mm. We can also be divided into coarse crusher crusher, the crusher and fine crusher. Frequently used stone crusher is jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher, crusher diesel, VSI crusher and mobile crushing plants. Our jaw crusher as an example to illustrate the crushing equipment installation and commissioning process:

1.PE jaw crusher should be installed in the lining concrete foundation and anchor bolts

2. Ensure that the basal level of jaw crusher rack vertical and broken equipment.

3. Assemble for the power and control cabinet according to phase voltage and the motor power.

4. Check the bolts, jaws and sides once, make sure they get a good installation.

5. After completing the inspection, we can do a non-load debugging, and then enter the normal production.

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