Wearing parts belong rotor impact crusher, and therefore require frequent replacement. It is a key component to connect to other important parts of the critical coupling member, also impact crusher, when installing the rotor to ensure that all reasonable steps to correct. Here, we focus on installation procedures impact crusher rotor:

Check the tightness of all bolts, pin coupling. As the various modes of transport, during operation, easy to loose these couplings. In particular rotor expansion sleeve coupling locking lever against, if there are any loose, tighten them.

Check the dimensions of the machine. In a clean environment, open housings. Cleanup pin bolt hole in the tank and thoroughly wash bearings, bearing housings, dried and mounted on the bearing box. Then clean the bottom surface of the chassis grease and dirty.

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By lifting the rotor pulley hole cover on the side of the process. On the outer circle of the pulley and the spindle has a lifting point can be obtained. On the tape the scene, put in contact with the rotor thick rubber mat to avoid damage to the rotor of the relevant parts, such as hanging it verified, will slowly into the rotor castings, close observation to prevent impact.

Into the rotor housing. Ensure the rotor in the vertical sidewall of the housing in the center of the rotor shaft and the housing is maintained. Open the cover and check the bearing housing of the bearing outer ring, and the relationship between the bearing design requirements.

After the rotor alignment and further to the main shaft bearings and check the level of surface binding of degrees. Through the above tapered wedge angle so that the two levels of less than or equal to 0.1mm / M.

Follow the manufacturer's serial number and flag assembly. The corresponding file box with a locking wedge, wedge-shaped briquettes accompanied. Common Bock wedge and lower frames welding. According to the principles of welding, weld quality assurance. Finally, tighten the bolts tight connection between the bearing and the housing, the bottom of each other securely to prevent movement or dislocation.

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