Sand and gravel industry as a typical traditional building materials industry in recent years, in order to protect resources and the environment, increased consolidation and closing of traditional small-scale mining behind efforts to eliminate backward production capacity, promote new green, efficient and environmentally friendly large-scale mining. Some large-scale machinery and equipment companies have begun to innovate to meet the market demand for environmentally friendly and efficient mining solutions, some of the innovative initiatives carried out changes in the market for SBM.

Green Building Concept

The innovative building materials production and construction waste and other solid waste together, developed a perfect solution to both problems gravel production equipment, green building complete solutions can be described as the ultimate gravel equipment innovation. Green building complete solutions dedicated to sand and gravel business, construction waste recycling business, dry mortar, the company offers the most environmentally friendly, most efficient, most advanced green building materials and equipment and complete solutions for the industrial process using environmentally friendly production mode to scrap waste rock, tailings, urban construction waste and other raw materials to produce ready-mixed dry mortars Free drying, high-quality sand, concrete, prefabricated high-quality green building materials products, with high quality and efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, investment high-value advantage. The program includes a complete set of green building materials from design to equipment selection, sales support and marketing of a full range of construction guidance.

Intelligent auxiliary equipment gravel

Gravel equipment in recent years, the development of intelligence and industrialization began to change, SBM for the aggregate production line is equipped with intelligent expert control system, designed for supporting electrical system includes the following sections: data layer, transport layer , the control layer, the implementation layer. Data layer includes data center and each mobile terminal through the data layer, you can view the operational status of equipment at any time; the transport layer mainly refers to the current GPRS networks are widely used, the network has a transmission speed, data security and other features, shoulder since the data transmission tasks; control layer mainly refers to the respective control unit and a wireless transmission unit, a control unit may be a distributed control system of industrial computer and PLC (DCS), may be used directly or ECS small control system PLC control , a variety of control layer for a variety of field sizes; execution layer mainly refers to the various electrical equipment directly involved in the operation of equipment, such as soft-start, frequency converters, contactors, relays, etc., these devices guarantee the stable operation of the equipment.

VU fine sand complete system