Pebbles are a good raw material for making sand, due to the high hardness of pebbles, machinery manufacturers continue to improve the reliability of the equipment system, raising the second ratio to reduce consumption.

As a professional manufacturer of sand making machine, we specialize in the production of pebble sand making machine. The crushed material has the advantages of small particle size, uniform particle size and high efficiency. Type of performance characteristics, to meet the various needs of customers.

250 tph river stone sand crushing line in Philippines.jpg

Pebble sand making machine produces large capacity, long life, and its low power, greatly reduces the production cost and improve the work efficiency, simple structure, relatively low-cost investment than with traditional equipment about 35% -50% But the efficiency is higher than 35% -50%.

The new series of pebble sand making machine rely on independent innovation to upgrade, not only save electricity, but also save energy, with stable performance, low cost advantages, is a typical energy-saving products, to achieve the economic and environmental situation double benefit. Equipment used in the major gravel plants, pebble sand making machine plays a very important role, and is the inevitable choice of many gravel field.

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