Increasing screen deck movement patterns

Sport mode screen deck also has a great influence on the vibration sieve screening efficiency. Sport mode screen deck is ideal: the feed side of the vertical vibration amplitude of the vibration amplitude should be greater than the vertical discharge side. This is because a large vertical vibration amplitude feed size can make effective layered thick material feed size. Meanwhile, since the tilt angle of the screen deck, the raw material feeding side of the screen will be spread to the middle deck, greatly improving the virtual area covered by the screen deck. When moving to the discharge side of the raw materials when they've got a stratified, so we only need a small vertical vibration amplitude, so that separate them, and through the mesh.

With the decrease of the length of the screen surface, from the feed side, the moving speed of the raw material should be gradually reduced. This can also increase the actual usable area of ​​the screen deck.

Basalt crushing and screening plants - basalt mobile crushing plant.jpg

Non-metallic mesh material

In order to improve the vibration sieve screening efficiency, we can also use a rubber or polyurethane material is generally made of thin elastic mesh sieve. This screen can effectively reduce the adhesion between the material and the screen surface, avoiding network block block.

Using a plurality of feed

In general, we use only one feed opening, when the raw material is sent to the screen deck, the size of the particles quickly through the screen mesh. Screen deck low utilization rate. However, if we use more than feeding, it is like we increased the width of the screen deck, and to reduce the thickness of the material on the screen deck. In this case, the fine particles will quickly through the mesh and the transport distance is reduced.

Strengthening management

Shaker operation and maintenance affect screening efficiency to a certain extent. In order to guarantee high vibration sieve screening efficiency, the operator should strictly follow the rules. In addition, the raw material should be continuous and even feeding. In addition, operators should strengthen the shaker maintenance and repair, such as timely repair or replace Brock sieve cleaning screens.

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