Impact type sand making machine is used in mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, electric power and other industries commonly used crushing equipment, and hammer as the main equipment wear parts, its quality and service life of a direct impact crusher broken effectiveness. During the work, because the hammer to be impact and impact of the dual role of materials, long-term repeated use, the hammer's face will be damaged, the surface shape changes, and therefore need frequent replacement.

1. Hammer structural design and product quality

The structural design and geometry of the hammer have a great influence on the mechanical properties and the internal microstructure after heat treatment. Especially the large thickness of the hammer, the impact is more prominent. The analysis of the failure modes of hammerheads with different materials shows that the main reason for hammer breakage is that the inner or surface of the hammer has different degrees of defects. Due to the presence of defects, so that most of the hammer in the early use of fracture phenomenon. Therefore, in the hammer production, must develop a reasonable casting and heat treatment process.

2. Technical parameters of the counter-type sand making machine

Impact type sand machine technical parameters will also affect the service life of the hammer, which is the main rotor power and speed. They are not only related to the crusher production capacity, but also related to the hammer impact hardening degree. Hammer impact hardening level is good, its service life will be extended.

3. The broken pieces of the degree of hardness and hardness

The larger the bulk of the material, the higher its toughness requirements, and the higher the hardness of the material, the higher the hardness of the hammer material. Specific models of crusher should be used to the appropriate feed particle size, which will extend to some extent the life of the hammer.

4. Counter-type sand making machine internal clearance adjustment


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