Flotation is the main method of copper recovery. Simple copper sulfide flotation process is usually easier than copper complex.

Copper ore recycling plant, there are some factors that can affect the efficiency of copper recovery, such as copper ore mineral composition of ore particle size, structure, mineral percentage, degree of oxidation of copper ore and mineral processing equipment and processes. Here we mainly talk about several aspects to improve the recovery efficiency of copper.

Increase beneficiation process

With the development and improvement of mineral processing technology, we can concentrate on the crude, mixed concentrate, medium-heavy grinding method. In addition, select the appropriate beneficiation reagent can also improve recovery efficiency.

Recovering valuable minerals

Investors should note that in the copper recovery process of valuable minerals such as gold, silver, iron, molybdenum, etc. These minerals can not only improve the recovery of copper recovery efficiency, but also improve the overall economic recovery of the whole plant.

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Efficient flotation machine

Flotation machine is the main mineral processing equipment in the copper recovery plant, the use of efficient flotation machine means a lot. SBM provides BF, SF, XCF / KYF series flotation machine for customers to choose from.

The use of large equipment

The main methods of large equipment, improve the efficiency of the recovery of copper. Investors should be selected in line with the scale of construction, which can effectively improve work efficiency, reduce energy consumption and large equipment investment cost.

Improve the level of automation

Investors can by automatic means and equipment to improve the recovery efficiency.

SBM not only provide efficient flotation machine, but also provides a complete customer copper recycling plant. If you are interested in these machines, please contact us.

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