Coal resources are still an important position in the energy mix, increase the recovery rate of coal resources is very important. The use of coal for energy applications is inseparable from machinery and equipment, SBM as a professional crusher manufacturers, production of crusher equipment application in the industry is very broad.

Coal crusher can be used for power generation, automobile, building materials, industrial boilers, life, and metallurgical industries. However, mining development and use of the process, also has a larger presence of gangue, which not only makes the exploitation of existing coal resources, more and more, but also caused serious environmental problems.

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SBM mining and coal utilization efficiency for the conditions, constant innovation and development of new crusher equipment, production of cone crusher compared with other crusher equipment production capacity with high functionality, excellent stability. For example: When the material into the machine, the protection device will be automatically released, and then automatically crushed materials, hardware protection with a stable discharge return point, miscellaneous iron has passed, can quickly restore the original discharge port through the crushing chamber. Application of cone crusher makes the percentage recovery of coal resources can be greatly improved.

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