Special SV exciter design, exciting force stronger, easier to maintain

In order to meet the higher performance and more complicated application conditions in the production process, S5X series vibrating screen adopts the heart of SV super vibrator. The vibrator not only has a huge exciting force, can also be installed in the overall hole in the side plate, eliminating the need to replace the single bearing trouble, the whole disassembly and replacement takes only one hour, replacement maintenance is very convenient.

Modular machine design, a higher degree of generalization, greatly reducing the types of spare parts to users

S5X from the screen tension plate, sieve surface pressure, screen surface support, rubber liner to the screen and other components, are used standardized, modular, universal design. The design on the one hand to reduce the maintenance point of the screen, on the other hand to reduce the types of user spare parts to ensure the operation and maintenance simple.

The use of better performance rubber spring, over the resonance zone is more stable, lower noise

S5X vibrating screen machine supports the use of higher cost rubber spring, compared with the metal spring, with long life, corrosion resistance, smooth operation, low noise, the impact of small foundation.


S5X series vibrating screen