In the process of crushing impact crusher, the impact board is designed to withstand the impact of raw materials produced by high-speed blow stick, then press it back to the crushing area then pulverized. Therefore, the structure and shape of the impingement plate has a great influence on the impact crusher crushing efficiency. This paper describes the impact crusher in the impingement plate design.

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Impingement plate design

According to the collision theory theoretical mechanics, when the impact of the vertical plate of raw materials, we can get over the crushing efficiency. However, rotational movement of the blow pin, if we want to influence the crushing chamber is all raw shooting vertical plate, the back plate should be a curve involute. Involute feature is that at every point of contact of the back plate, the vertical impact of raw material, in other words, the angle of incidence D = 0. At this time, crushing efficiency is desirable. But involute generating impingement plate is very difficult, but due to mutual interference of raw materials in the crushing chamber, its trajectory irregular. Therefore, in the actual production, the general dogleg impingement plate instead of involute impingement plate.

Polyline impingement plate design

Projection angle directly affects the movement of the spatial extent and movement curves of raw materials, thus affecting the shape of the impingement plate. For a two impingement plate impact crusher, we can according to the incident D = 0 and inlet size, set the first impingement plate. Steering blowing about 25 from the unloading point, and then consider the incident angle is 0 and the minimum size of the discharge opening and a corresponding angle, we can determine the position of the second-stage impact plate.

In the actual production process, impact crusher, the raw materials with different sizes and shapes. For three impingement plate impact crusher, we can according to the incident a 0 and a first feed port size setting impingement plate. The blowing about 20, 40, then the angle of incidence is zero, we can determine the location of the second and third impingement plate.

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