With the continuous development of mining machinery industry, impact crusher more and more widely used by major companies. Impact crusher has become a mining machinery industry, one of the essential crushing equipment in the impact crusher applications, we need to pay attention to many problems, in particular, pay attention to the stability of the voltage.

1, the voltage instability will lead to the impact crusher feeding uneven, discontinuous, if the feeding is not uniform, when the feeding speed is greater than the discharge speed, the crushing cavity and discharge mouth will form a blocked, broken products Can not be discharged in time, and materials continue to join the equipment, the final material filled with crushing cavity, serious equipment caused heavy load down. So the need for voltage stability and stability of the voltage to feed evenly, but also to regularly check the discharge port situation, to avoid the material is not smooth, can effectively prevent the emergence of boring car failure.

2, the voltage instability or lead to the crusher in the transmission belt tension, causing the belt too loose, belt slippage, belt failure on the transmission bearing and other running parts of the loss of the role of the material is also a steady stream of supply to the crusher , Resulting in stuffy car. Therefore, to adjust the voltage, the transmission belt tension adjustment to the appropriate tightness.

3, the working voltage is not stable, will make the host crusher can not bear too much pressure and shutdown. Its bearing components are the main mechanical broken parts, if the bearings are damaged, the need for timely replacement of the new bearing components, otherwise it will cause boring car phenomenon.

4, the working voltage instability will lead to eccentric shaft tight bushing, loose or fall off, will eventually cause the bearing housing near the frame, resulting in eccentric shaft is firmly stuck, eccentric shaft can not rotate properly, the device suddenly interrupted. So to ensure that the working voltage is stable, but also need to re-install the eccentric shaft bushing fixed firmly, if the eccentric shaft bushing damage to replace the new eccentric shaft set bushing structure.

Therefore, the voltage stability of the impact crusher has an important role in the production.

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