Impact crusher butt joints in a variety of structural forms. Fork-type connectors, box-type joints, chute joints, pulley skateboard joints, hinge joints, and so on. The structure of the joint hole is also varied. Some joints are divided into two parts, the base and the bushing. The bushings are installed in the base. Some of the joints have bearings in the base. The bearings are installed in the base; some joints do not have bushings and bearings. Joints and parts of the structure of connections are also varied, some joints and parts of the structure dissolved as a whole, the connector itself is part of the structure of parts: some joints and parts of the structure separated by connectors and components of the joint structure. Some joints in the form of simple, docking convenience; some joints in the form of complex, docking difficulties. Some joints and the structure of the connection is simple, with the design of the compensation function, parts docking allows for proper position adjustment: Some joints and structure of the complex form, does not have design compensation function, the location of the joints of high accuracy requirements.

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In short, the impact crusher joint structure has a variety of structural forms, structural designers are often concerned about the structural requirements of components and joint use requirements, and parts of the finishing requirements do not care or care is not enough to make parts difficult to finish Or can not be finished.