According to statistics, the main form of corruption against the lever is loose and fracture, reinforced when the following loose or break, causing the bolt fracture strike, it will damage the rotor or rack, and sometimes damage to the rotor and the main bearing. And cost against the bar very much, if we can find out the cause of this phenomenon, we can do better to improve and maintain observation of this phenomenon. Three flow is impact crusher jaw damage cause analysis:

Article blow bolt quality. Due to the poor quality of the bolts, they often loose and break, which will cause blowing rod loose or break. The most fundamental reason is that small factory bolts models have been used for many years, wear and tear becomes larger, the overall head bolts use in poor contact and cause loose. Meanwhile, in the processing line, sewing thread, to make it easier for cooperation, it will be some deliberate reduction of tooth shape, which reduces the ability of the fastening bolts.

Against quality bar itself. Touted as ZGMn13, from the fracture, the obvious pores, even empty, indicating the presence of poor quality casting, heat treatment. This is the main reason for the fight against corruption in the bar.

Improper operation and maintenance. When blown rod breakage of work, we visited SBM company was informed that since it is difficult to exchange blow after blow to the new pole installation, you should stop and check if it has loose and tight tight.

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According to the above problem, they need to build a new model of the bolt, the bolt head and the blow rod oval hole can contract a good contact with the surface. At the same time, controlling the thickness of thread, dimensional tolerance, screw unloaders finishing tank, to prevent stress concentration and fracture.