SBM's new C6X160 jaw crusher market, becoming the best on the international market, coarse crushing equipment. C6X160 series of jaw crusher is the company in many years of product development and thousands of production lines based on the experience of engineering services for the existing jaw crusher on the market low efficiency and installation and maintenance of difficult issues such as the development of a new generation of energy-efficient Jaw crusher, the equipment structure, the use of functions and production efficiency and other indicators are world-class level.

When considering the efficient hard and strong abrasive material crushing, C6X series jaw crusher represents the most advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level, its equipment structure and manufacturing process and material selection determines the body's high strength , The versatility of the application, not only for the hardest rock and ore rough crushing operations, but also in the ground and underground production environment, the most stringent production to ensure that customers maximize the production efficiency.

Cavity perfect, high production efficiency

The cavity design of the equipment is optimized on the basis of repeated calculation and practical application. The optimized kinematic performance of the equipment is higher. With the large stroke and steep slope design, the stroke at the bottom of the chamber is larger, More capable.

Equipment core rotating parts, such as large eccentricity heavy forging eccentric shaft, high rotational inertia of the cast flywheel and high-strength integrated steel bearing box, strong power with reasonable equipment speed, to ensure stable and efficient production equipment.

Reasonable structure, the whole high strength

The machine frame is composed of two hot-rolled steel plates and two high-strength steel castings. The frame is fixed with high-strength bolts and pins, and with advanced processing and manufacturing technology, the frame strength is higher.

The jaw body is made of high-quality cast steel, the overall structure is optimized more rationally, so that it can keep good reliability when crushing hard material at high frequency.

Advanced functions, installation and maintenance fast

The equipment is equipped with four large-size bearings and reliable labyrinth seals. It can be equipped with automatic lubricating system, lubrication and reliability. higher.

The installation of the equipment adopts the elastic limit block and the rubber damping device, which makes the foundation impact less, and avoids the foundation bolt and the equipment foundation manufacture and installs more quickly.

Unique design, a wide range of applications

The unique separation structure of the equipment and the installation of the foot-free installation make the basic requirements of the equipment even lower, and each major component can be split apart, in addition to ensuring stable operation of the equipment in the ground fixed production line, can also be used for mobile Type production lines and underground operations.

In addition to the unique structure and installation form, the equipment is also equipped with various forms of jaw plate, which can provide suitable jaw plates for different materials, improve equipment efficiency and wider application scope. It is an ideal upgrading product for rough crushing operations.


C6X160 jaw crusher