In recent years, the application of hydraulic crushing equipment technology has been further developed. At present, the hydraulic technology is mainly used to adjust the throat and mine safety device, it is difficult to solve the conventional crusher.

Currently, some suppliers based domestic production of hydraulic cone crusher spring cone crusher, the partially improved. Structurally, the major increase in the hydraulic lock cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. The former is used to fix the support ring and the adjustment ring. The latter is used to adjust mine throat. Safety device continues to use a spring safety device. Is the development direction of the bottom of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. We can reduce the ability to add or oil in the cylinder, to achieve control cone height adjustment mine throat.

Overload safety function hydraulic cone crusher achieved by the connection of the piston accumulator and hydraulic cylinder piston high-pressure circuit under. Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a high performance crushing equipment. Has a simple structure, easy to manufacture, easy operation, automatic control, etc., it is suitable for secondary crushing hard ore crushing. It can not only solve the difficulty of mine adjusted throat, but also improve the crushing equipment production capacity.

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