The new high-efficiency spring cone crusher, which maintains the safety of the spring unit of the Simmons cone crusher, uses a spindle and spindle eccentric shaft sleeve that is fixed to the frame and optimizes the cone crusher crushing chamber structure. Therefore, cone crusher with a reasonable structure, compact structure, stable performance, reliable operation, easy maintenance and so on.

The new high-efficiency spring cone crusher is a very good mineral crushing equipment, a relatively high hardness of the natural river pebbles, the river pebbles relatively high silicon content, these two functions, the use of ordinary crusher equipment broken river pebbles make the machine wear very serious.

Cone crusher.jpg

The new efficient cone crusher with its excellent products, adjust the scope of the discharge port, help to reduce the final cone crusher product size, improve the final conical crusher products, excellent content, therefore, cone crusher for medium Size and size of the hard stone, and can produce hand-sand. The new high-efficiency spring cone crusher, a perfect "multi-crushing, little-grinding" crusher, has different model symbols, fine crushing chambers and productivity at least 15% higher than other cone crushers of the same type.