Heavy-duty rotor design and rigorous testing methods to ensure the quality of rotor performance

PFW series impact crusher with heavy-duty structure of the rotor to get a higher degree of inertia and counter-attack, and enhance its crushing capacity. In the rotor performance, we use a rigorous testing methods on the rotor surface, near surface and internal flaw detection testing to ensure its high quality.

Spring insurance, reducing the risk of not just stuck

We use SBM's self-developed patent technology - constant pressure spring safety device, when the non-broken material (such as iron) enters the crushing chamber, the back and forth counter moves backwards, the non-broken material is automatically discharged from the machine, Board is reset and work properly, and then eliminate the machine stuck hidden. As the entire process is automated, greatly reducing man-machine downtime sweep maintenance time, greatly enhancing the production efficiency of the entire production line.

Semi-automatic hydraulic open-top device, maintenance faster and more effort

Consider the mining machine in the production process, wearing parts wear is very objective and occasionally need emergency shutdown for inspection and maintenance work, so we installed in the rack on both sides of the same two sets of screw or hydraulic clamshell device (specific according to Model-dependent). Using this device, the machine operator can easily operate and smooth the opening and closing after the cover to complete the maintenance work.


PFW series impact crusher