The impact crusher, the raw material by the force generated by the high-speed smash blow pin. Blow bar spare parts direct contact with the raw material, which makes it a major impact crusher wear parts.

As we know, the board hammer materials to determine their degree of wear, but the fixing method bat also means a lot. In this article, we mainly talk about the impact of different methods of fixing the Hammer.

In the following section, we introduce three common methods of fixing: screws, fixed platen and the fixed wedge.

PF Impact Crusher.jpg


Screw fixation is through the use of several screws to secure the blow bar. In the fixing process, the screws remain at the surface and can easily be damaged. In addition, once the screws are under strong shear forces, they might break up. This will result in serious accidents.

Fixed platen

In the fixing process, the plate compactor by blowing rod ends and grooves on both sides of the blow pin is inserted into the rotor. But if we adopt this fixation, Pakistan can not fight tightly compacted, especially in the course of their work, the board hammer can easily loose.

In order to hammer tight, we need to combat and plate welded together. However, the pressure plate is easy to wear, it is difficult to change.

Fixed wedge

In the fixing method wedge, wedge, we generally use fixed on the rotor blow bar. During operation, the centrifugal force, this fixation can ensure high-speed rotation of the rotor. In addition, against the rod firmly fixed on the rotor, with reliable performance, easy to replace. For now, the wedge fixation better resolved to combat it. Many manufacturers use this method to repair the impact crusher board hammer.

Of course, extend the service life against stick, manufacturers not only need to take appropriate fixing method, but also uses high-quality materials make the plate hammer, constantly optimize the structure.