In recent years in the constant promotion of low-carbon, environmental protection and economic development, sand, cement, construction and other industries continue to expand, and the crusher industry has also seen major changes. Out of high energy consumption, high dust pollution crusher equipment, green crusher equipment has become the focus of attention.

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Green environmental protection equipment refers to the installation of efficient dust removal process in the crushing process, so that the crusher in the production process, to minimize dust spills and so on. To limestone crusher, for example, limestone is an important resource in the building materials industry, is used in the manufacture of cement, lime, calcium carbide production of the main raw materials, limestone aggregate construction is also an important material. According to the survey, many limestone crusher production equipment market is still in some parts of the simple assembly together, scientific and technical level is low, which makes the crusher equipment waste of resources and serious dust pollution phenomenon.

SBM has been adhering to building green energy-saving production equipment. Limestone crusher, high-pressure mill, large-scale impact crusher and other equipment, in the process of research and development to maximize greater technology and environmental protection equipment to run the process, not only significantly reduced energy consumption, dust rate Greatly reduced, low noise, greatly reducing the dust pollution and noise pollution, the formation of the green high-performance crushing equipment.

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