A variety of cavity type to choose from, apply a variety of conditions

CS series efficient spring cone crusher with standard and short head type two models, each model is equipped with a variety of cavity type, can be applied to a variety of hardness materials in the crushing and crushing operations needs. In a large number of practical applications show that, CS series high efficiency spring cone broken in the performance for the broken operation is particularly prominent.

The hydraulic lubrication system is simpler to operate

CS conical broken configuration of the hydraulic lubrication system, the use of the system users can easily adjust the equipment discharge port and equipment cavity operation, to simplify the daily operation of the cone breaking. In addition, the system uses electric cooling system lubricating stations, lubrication stations can be automated control to ensure that the equipment work in the process of lubrication and cooling.

16 groups of high-performance alloy steel spring, effective protection crusher safety

In order to prevent iron and other non-broken materials into the crushing chamber when the crusher caused by overloading and other sudden boring car, we installed around the CS cone broken 16 sets of high-performance alloy steel spring, and the spring group as the core overload protection system Can effectively protect the safety of crusher.


CS series efficient spring cone crusher