To meet client’s production cost requirements, our company’s research team has designed the fourth generation portable crusher plant based on the third generation crusher plant machine. This series portable crusher plant has the most comprehensive crusher screening plant machines at present. It has the most advanced modular design. When it is used, it brings great economic benefits and environment benefits for clients. 


Full-scale model in history overview:

K series portable crusher plant is designed based on customer’s standpoint. This product reflects client’s maximum consumer goods value. To meet client’s different production requirements, it adds diversity design into the machine. As the new and fourth generation portable crusher plant, it is with high quality and high performance. This machine includes 7 modules and its models can reach 72 kinds. It can be almost used in all the mineral ore processing, construction waste recycling fields. 

Whole working system cooperates with each other perfectly:

To improve the whole machine’s capacity, each system in this machine will cooperate with each other perfectly. The fourth generation portable crusher plant will work in single set and it also can work with other equipment to form the group to work to complete two-stage, three-stage or four-stage crushing processes. It can realize coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing or ultrafine crushing process. Besides, depending on clients’ requirements, this machine can be equipped with the screening portable machine to meet client’s crushing-screening integrative production requirements.  

Innovation advantages:

To guarantee this machine’s brand image, the research personnel adopts the automotive covering streamlined hood design and it can guarantee the production of steel structure professional requirements. The whole hydraulic control will complete the lifting construction, transportation, folding movement, embodies the fourth generation mobile crushing plant of high-tech charm.