Ore characteristics

Copper ore is generally copper sulfide or oxide and other mineral composition of the body, and sulfuric acid reaction to generate blue-green copper sulfate. Natural copper minerals are available in a variety of colors. Chalcopyrite bright yellow, spot copper was dark copper red, oxidized into blue purpura; chalcocite (copper sulfide) lead gray; copper blue (copper sulfide) indigo.

Mineral Processing Technology


Flotation of Two Common Copper Ore in Copper Ore Dressing

1. Flotation of disseminated copper ore

Generally use a relatively simple process, after a period of grinding, fineness -200 mesh accounts for about 50% -70%, 1 roughing, 2-3 times selected, 1-2 sweep. Such as copper ore disseminated particle size is relatively small, may consider the stage grinding process. The processing plant for concentrating copper concentrates is a mixture-preferred flotation process. First by a rough grinding, rough selection, sweep election, then the coarse concentrate and then grinding and then select the high-grade copper concentrate and sulfur concentrate.

2. Dense copper ore flotation

Dense copper ore As chalcopyrite and pyrite dense coexistence, pyrite is often activated by secondary copper minerals, pyrite content is high, difficult to suppress, sorting difficult. Separation process requires both copper concentrate and sulfur concentrate. Usually selected copper tailings is sulfur concentrate. If the ore gangue content of more than 20% to 25%, in order to get sulfur concentrate need to re-sorting. Dense copper ore processing, often two-stage grinding or stage grinding, finer grinding finer requirements.

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